ac·ci·den·tal glut·ton


  • a person who unintentionally eats & drinks excessively or voraciously
  • a person with an unexpected desire to eat at suspect food trucks & hole-in-the-wall restaurants
  • someone who is easily distracted from work by gorgeously photographed food blogs
  • an individual that surreptitiously convinces others to indulge in decadent desserts

I’ve always been one of “those” people.. you know, the ones who obsess over food.  Over restaurant menus.  Over cookbooks.  Over what my boyfriend ordered & if I can have a bite.  Or two.  Maybe three.  Please?

I’m always excited to try the house favorite, the specialty cocktail, the particular flavors that make a restaurant unique.  Much to my friends’ amusement, I always know a new restaurant’s menu front to back before we even arrive for our reservation.  What fun is eating out without first figuring out the “must-haves” and “definitely-avoids”?

I live for Yelp, FoodGawker and Chowhound.  But somehow, as much as I love reading endless restaurant reviews and lurking on innumerable message boards, I’ve never joined in on the fun… until now.  So, please bear with me as I attempt to carve out my own little niche among the real foodies.  And since I’m pushing my luck anyway, I might just throw in a few posts on some of my other loves.. like music, travel and my dogs.

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